Brad DeLong Posts on My Blog Again & Some Context for My last Post

by robekulick

So I was pretty shocked when Brad DeLong responded to this post of mine:

For the few of you out there following this, here is his response:

“Say, rather, some of their arguments are simply wrong *in the model that they are using*–the quantity theory of money does *not* state that velocity is unresponsive to bond market conditions, Ricardian Equivalence does *not* state that consumption falls to fully offset a temporary boost to government purchases, and some of their arguments are incoherent in that they require that two different (and contradictory) models be true at once.”

First of all, I just want to say that it’s very cool that DeLong takes the time to respond to a post from a graduate student whose blog has a very small circulation. But of course, as is my nature, once he posted this comment all I wanted to do was ask him more questions. And then I started thinking that I have pretty much the same set of questions for just about every prominent economist. And so came about yesterday’s post:, a letter to economists that I think would provide a lot of context for understanding their opinions

Now, I don’t actually expect that people as busy as the people who my letter targets are going to drop what they’re doing to fill out this questionnaire. But maybe if I keep at this blog thing long enough and as I advance through graduate school someone will eventually respond. And if one big name economist responds maybe a few others will respond. And maybe from there…well you get the idea. I just think it would be so interesting and informative to know what inspires the way the big name economists think and also to know what they see as their most serious ideological competition. So what I’m doing is I’m putting the letter up as a page on my blog with a link right next to the “about” page. That way the letter will just be there and maybe I’ll get a pleasant surprise someday.