Some Random Stuff: Finals Edition

by robekulick

I knew going into graduate school that it was going to be difficult, but if someone had told me last year just how much work I would be doing this year I just don’t think I would have believed them. Anyway, my last final is Wednesday so after that I should have the time to actually put some some more substantial posts. But here are a few random things:

1) Newt Gingrich has tanked on intrade:

Last time I looked about a week ago he was at almost 40%. Now he’s at about 15%. I haven’t had time to follow the news at all this week, but a quick search this morning didn’t indicate that Gingrich pulled a Rick Perry move that suddenly caused his campaign to implode…does anyone know what happened?

2) Awhile ago I did a post about the economic importance of big firms versus small firms, despite the fetishization of small businesses in the political sphere. Here is an editorial from the economist suggesting that big firms are also more innovative than small firms overall:

Anyway, its time for me to crawl back under my rock and hope the macro gods send me some wisdom.