A Statistical Approach to Gauging the Promiscuity of Your Next Online Date

by robekulick

The boom in online dating hasn’t only been a boon to lonely people looking for a date, it has also provided a lot of interesting statistical information about dating. But this latest little nugget of data courtesy of OK Cupid is in a category by itself.

One of the questions OK Cupid has asked its users is “Would you consider sleeping with someone on the first date?” They then examined how the responses to this question correlate with responses to other questions they’ve asked users and found something fascinating. The single best predictor of whether someone answers yes to the question above is whether they answer yes to the question “Do you like the taste of beer?”

OK Cupid explains “No matter their gender or orientation, beer-lovers are 60% more likely to be okay with sleeping with someone they’ve just met.”

Indeed, they found that this is the only question in their data that meaningfully predicts whether a woman is willing to consider sleeping with someone on the first date. However, for men they also found a few other questions predict first-date promiscuity. These include:

“In a certain light, wouldn’t nuclear war be exciting?”

“Assuming you were in a position to do so, would you launch nuclear weapons under any circumstances?”

“Could you imagine yourself killing someone?”

Here is a link to the article (it’s towards the middle):


Overall, OK cupid finds that 40% of women on their site would consider sex on the first date, but that almost 70% of women who enjoy beer would consider it. Over 50% of men would consider sex on the first date in aggregate, but over 85% of men who enjoy beer answer yes to the question.

It’s amazing what a simple question can suggest about a person.  Oh, and if anyone ever asks you that question on a first date, now you might just know why.