Can a Simple Computer Game Actually Make you Smarter?

by robekulick

A series of studies performed recently suggests the answer is yes. This is a link to the initial paper:

The researchers found that after their test subjects played a  computer game known as the dual-n back game consistently over a period of time, they scored higher on what are effectively IQ tests (though apparently the jargon in psychology today is “fluid intelligence”). Now, just one result could be written off, but what’s truly impressive is that the researchers have actually replicated their results twice!


and here:

From a statistical standpoint, replicating such results three times suggests that there is very low probability that these results are simply a fluke.

Now, here’s the most important part of my post,  a link to the game:

There is an explanation of the game on the site. I’ve downloaded and played it a number of times now. It’s actually really fun. It’s basically a sort of matching game, except you have to match over two dimensions, a spatial one and an audio one. Oh and the results suggest that the more you play, the smarter you get.