The WSJ Profiles My Favorite Barbecue Restaurant in Kansas City!

by robekulick

This weekend the Wall Street Journal had an article extolling the virtues of Kansas City barbecue:

and it listed Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue as among the best barbecue restaurants in Kansas City. Jack Stack happens to be my favorite barbecue place in Kansas City and one of my favorite restaurants in general.  As mentioned in the article, the burnt ends are amazing, but my personal favorite thing on the menu is the hickory prime rib. I highly recommend stopping by Jack Stack if you ever find yourself in the Kansas City area.

Though the connection to economic might seem tenuous, economics is all about optimizing and in my opinion, Jack Stack is the optimal barbecue place, as long as you’re not optimizing with respect to saturated fat and cholesterol. But if you’re going there I highly recommend you let that constraint be slack for the night (this phrasing is referencing a specific bit of econ math jargon…its just a particularly nerdy way of saying throw caution to the wind when you go there). If you’re still not buying the connection, tough. I was just too excited about seeing Jack Stack in the WSJ not to put this link up.