Economics and a Drunken Swedish Moose

by robekulick

The title of this article pretty much speaks for itself: “Drunken Moose Ends up Stuck in Swedish Apple Tree”

Now just, to prevent you from worrying when you see the picture (it looks pretty bad for the moose) he was fine the next the day…just a little hungover.

So what does this have to do with economics?

In previous posts I’ve used statistical analysis to explore the connection between per capita alcohol consumption and per capita GDP in both the countries of the world and the US states.


While doing this, I noticed what seemed to be a link between cold weather and alcohol consumption, and I found that in the US states there is indeed a connection between alcohol consumption and cold.

Now because I haven’t put the data together, I haven’t done the temperature analysis at the country level, but if even the moose are drinking in Sweden, it’s gotta hold true all over the world right?

Okay,okay, you got me. This has nothing to do with economics and was just an excuse to put up a funny article about a drunk moose.