Quick Update to Last Night’s Post

by robekulick

Whelp, now Rick Perry is pretty much back up to where he was and Romney is down 1.1. Looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of volatility on those contracts for near-term.

Meanwhile, I’d like to point out that Michele Bachmann is down to 5.5…looks like the burst of media hype hasn’t done much for her and it remains the case that it is highly unlikely she will be elected.


By the way Scott Sumner’s blog contained some interesting points on his growing support for Mitt Romney:


To reprint what Scott Sumner wrote:

“I’m for Gary Johnson because I believe the War on Drug Using Americans is the greatest problem facing this country.  But he won’t win.  Of those who might I’m increasingly impressed with Mitt Romney.

1.  Romney doesn’t consider global warming to be a hoax.

2.  He refuses to join the other Republicans in criticizing fiat money and/or calling for tighter money.

3.  He understands that jobs are the big problem.

4.  He has Greg Mankiw advising him.

5.  He recently came out for UI personal accounts, a very Singaporean solution that even Singapore doesn’t have.”